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Please correct EIN for Bedford C&MA Church of Bedford, PA

Question asked by stevenegbert on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by robin.burdick

I sent the following message to on October 4 and have received no response.  I would greatly appreciate an acknowledgment of this request and revision of our EIN in your listings.  


Begin original message - 


Dear Guidestar Agent(s):
In reviewing my recently sent messages I can’t seem to find the one I was sure I had sent you within the last two weeks or so apologize if this is a duplicate request.  
According to SMILE Amazon, the EIN you have listed for Bedford Christian & Missionary Alliance Church is; 23-7281256.  While this is technically a valid EIN for us, we have another (for unknown reasons) which is actually the one we use in all filings with the IRS.  That number is 25-1434633.  We have submitted a written request to the IRS to cancel the former number and now contact you with a similar request that you update our records to reflect the latter number for this church.  I am attaching a copy of a letter received from the IRS confirming the legitimacy of the alternative number.
Please contact me if you have questions or need further information.    


Pastor Steve Egbert,
Bedford Alliance (C&MA) Church

EIN Confirmation Letter.pdf