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Seeking donations for After School Program

Question asked by shaunabarry-scott on Oct 1, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by robin.burdick

We are launching an after school program for the most at risk Youth in my city. We have a facility, but we need dollars for the programming. We do anti violence classes and workshops. We are organizing a drum and bugle corp, drill team, and music dept.  We are also establishing a Coding Academy at our facility. We will provide the children w a hot dinner meal, tutors to assist w homework, and we help their families with emergency food, emergency utility assistance, rent assistance, and basic needs such as school clothes and winter coats. We are a full service community outreach organization and we need to raise $500,000 towards our goal of $1.5 million dollars. Can you please help us get the word out via guidestar. Thank you, Shauna Barry Scott Executive Director.