Best Reading Smartphone Apps

Discussion created by chelseafowler on Sep 28, 2017
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With the ever-evolving in the software development services, most developers are finding new ways of capturing the market and for attracting the attention of target audiences.

Where many smartphones users are showing their interest in interactive mobile games apps, many are interested in downloading learning and reading applications too.

Today, expert developers have flooded the store with a number of valuable reading apps; take a look at them below:


The app contains more than hundred thousand books for adults related to thriller, romance, biographies, horror and many others.


The eBooks of Bio can be accessible from any eReader or a mobile device. The colorful presentation of the content makes the reading experience pleasant and encouraging. The huge files and heavy images along with lengthy pdf formats are viewed easily without any hassle.

Good Reads

Good Reads is the perfect app for book lovers. You only have to select your favorites and make the app will keep on suggesting you with top rated related books and will offer you best advice.


It is another exciting app for readers. It is not an eBook but it helps readers to track their progress or help them save links of their eBooks. One can plan his activities and bookmark sources for a future read.


It is my personal favorite app. It provides a collection of old classic novels and books plus an automatic bookmark option. You can continue reading from the same spot you left.

Well, these were some of the suggestions related to reading apps, which can help you enjoy your book reading experience. Have you been using any of these apps?