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Horse bring hope

Question asked by alliestahlbush on Sep 16, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by robin.burdick

Hello I'm Allie Stahlbush, I'm a team member at osjl store 123 in North kingston. I'm asking for a donation for a non-profit organization called horses bring hope I volunteer for. We specialize in teaching mental and physically delayed children and adults through horseback riding amd have seen so many flourish. Since we are a non-profit our source of income comes only from donations. We are asking for anything that could help make the winter more bearable since our horses will need extra care during those cold months, for example, grain, hay, supplies, etc. 

Thankyou, Allie stahlbush

You can contact the head instructor at horses bring hope at 401-265-1341.

Thankyou have a great day!