Products and services, both nonprofit and profitable business, goal is to self fund like I have done in the past but now on a much larger scale

Discussion created by johnmichaellevesque on Aug 5, 2017

I am an experienced founder owner operator business man with a history of high achievements and respectable successes in businesses and my own self funded nonprofit organization at the same time. I am interested in getting back in the game after more than a decade of forced retirement. Will explain at another time. I have been on disability and have recovered enough to do it again but bigger and better. I am looking for a partner to help with the capital assets investments and even a functional part in the building of the enterprises. Both nonprofit and business for profit. I have a unique and creative concept of how I like to do business. I control it all. With my own profits I like to self fund my non profit ventures. I also want to put on the market products that are competitive in price, higher in quality and value and as a part of the sale price goes directly into nonprofit activities  providing  the consumer a feeling of charity, an additional reason for purchasing as a loyal customer.. It will work beautifully if paid proper attention. I intend to be a good influence on the business community, the government community and the public communities of America and perhaps around the world. Communities far as we can reach. I expect and intend to do what ever I can to solve the problems that  we just seem never to get around to doing and with keen attention to being a leader of a new way of thinking this business of life. I have much more to explain of my visions and the ventures that will be born. Is there any one who will join me and discover the common sense and best practices for the world and her populations that are ever growing. the jump start @  and