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Before filing for 501 (c) status with the IRS wanted to know if there is a great difference between 501 (c) 3, 4 and 6.

Is #3 the best one and or are there major advantages and or benefits.


Our foundation "Friends of the American Dream" is a BIG tent, an 'umbrella' organization to Save and Revive the American Dream. Currently we are focused on assisting Rural Communities and Municipalities, creating employment and using Veterans as the work force. Impact to revive, revitalize and rebuild small(er) cities and counties.


We are non-political though may have some Board Members involved in speaking engagements and or lobby Congress to promote Made in America goods and services and pass legislation to introduce new bills and lower taxes for corporations and individuals who invest in the USA. [An incentive similar to the Government's EB-5 program for foreign investors, who obtain a Green Card for investing $ 500K or $ 1 Million generating 10 (cumulative) jobs over 2 years.]


Thank you!