Register for GuideStar's Next Impact Call Tuesday, February 14

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GuideStar's Impact

Learn about GuideStar's impact on the nonprofit sector and philanthropy in general.

On Tuesday, February 14, 2017, at 2 p.m. ET, we will hold our next Impact Call. 

Loosely based on the quarterly earnings calls held by publicly owned companies, GuideStar's Impact Calls are the first steps in addressing new definitions of transparency:

  • Timely—Impact Calls are held fewer than 60 days after the quarter's or year's end.
  • Interactive—Impact Calls are meaningful discussions about what our results really mean. Participants have an opportunity to have questions answered in real time.
  • Inclusive—Everyone is invited to our Impact Call.
  • Comprehensive—Although we report on finances during our Impact Calls, we also address programmatic and operational metrics as well as our strategy. Finances are only one piece of a much larger picture when it comes to nonprofit impact.

Our goal is not simply to report our results but to jump-start the sector’s conversation on how transparency is defined and conveyed across the sector.