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guidestar to update non profit - site down for several days

Question asked by enagee1 on Sep 13, 2018



Last Monday, 9/10, I was going to update our organization”s profile -Sinag-tala Filipino Theater & Performing Arts Association.  However, I forgot my password ,  then had to wait to reset it the next day.  This morning,9/11,  when I clicked to update it, it said the site was not available due to technical problems.  Then, this afternoon,  I could only get in partially, but it said I don’t have permission.  How long will it take for the permission to be given?


The reason I asked is because our artistic director Sonny Alforque has retired and many of the board members are out of date.  I now that we have a deadline of Sept. 15, which is only a few days away.  I had to wait to get the IRS form and the budget from our other members so that I could do the updating all at once.


I’m now the current secretary (just elected this month) as our last one has retired from the group.  Her children are into other activities now.

I, aslo, am not that proficient with the computer and it takes me 2x-4x as long as anyone younger to get things done on the computer; so I do need longer time.  If I don’t get my permission timely, will you be able to extend my deadline?

Can I have an extended deadline due to above problems to update our profile for Guide Star, so we can be eligible for the May 2, 2019 Big Day of Giving?

Thank you.






Rufina D. Gee


Sinag-tala Filipino Theater and Performing Arts Associationcell 916 607