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DBA Name is not searchable on Facebook or Amazon Smile

Question asked by clintonpaden on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by stakeholdersupport

My organization is having problems setting up fundraisers because our DBA name is not found when searched on Facebook or Amazon Smile. On our Guidestar form, we have our IRS name in the "Organization Name" field and our DBA name in the "Also Known As/Doing Business As" field. However, on affiliate sites, only the "Organization Name" can be found. Should we put our DBA name in the "Organization Name" field or will that lead to other issues? Are there other things we need to do to make sure we appear as our DBA name?


Note we have already followed the instructions given at: "How to Achieve the Bronze Level of Participation - Update Organization Name, Address, Mission Statement, Logo, Staff, Leadership, & Board Members."


Please advise on how to fix this so we can receive donations properly.


(I posted a similar post as a reply to another question, but unfortunately it has been marked as "Assumed Answered" without being answered)


Thank you for your help.