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Why was our non-profit removed?

Question asked by georgewilkie on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2018 by georgewilkie

Hi there and happy Friday,


I was shocked when, last week, I logged onto and received a pop-up notification prompting me to select a new charity, as Disabled American Veterans of Coffee County Tennessee Chapter 90 was no longer supported. An inquiry to Amazon revealed that our EIN, 58-1561955, was not included in Pub 78 and no longer listed in GuideStar.


How did this happen? And what documentation can we provide to be reinstated? Our 990n is up to date with the IRS, and our latest financials are available.


Thank you for your time and consideration, and have a great weekend.




George Lamar Wilkie

Treasurer, DAV Coffee County TN Chapter 90

(931) 952-3736