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Question asked by athitamarin on Aug 2, 2018
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I have a confusion to register with GuideStar. Since my organization is based in Thailand and is accredited by our government. And I want my organization to be listed in GuideStar. But I do not understand and I'm not sure if my organization will enter the guidelines:
- 501 (c) nonprofit organization
- Church or religious organization
- Government entities (Public schools, libraries)
- Requirements
- Nonprofit income of less than $ 5,000
- Organization under a group exemption
- Small nonprofit with a 501 (c) (3) fiscal sponsor
- Ministry
- I'm unsure if our nonprofit is listed on GuideStar.
- What if my question was not answered here?


I need to learn to be clear and to follow your guidelines. This may be a problem in understanding both the web site, the language, and the method. But we believe you will be helped by you.


So what does my organization have to do as a participant in GuideStar? However, when considering our organization, "I would be in the I'm unsure if I was listed on GuideStar" and I do not have an IRS Employee Identification Number (EIN).I do not have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) as received by the IRS.


I do not understand and please provide us with help for my organization to follow the guidelines set out.


Yours sincerely

Athit Amarin