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Hello, I am updating our profile and have a question about options that seem to have changed since last year.

Question asked by blairdemers on Aug 1, 2018
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Specifically, on the "Programs & Maps" page (Gold Level), the drop down menu for "population served" has different options than last year. We have previously selected "Young Adults 20-25" as one of 2 key populations served; however that option does not seem to be available this year. This year I added or modified a section for our overall program, and now no longer have the option to select "Young Adults" or anything remotely siimilar as a population. Our organization serves 2 populations, so this is very frustrating, and I'm not sure why such a basic option would be removed. Please advise if I am missing something or there is some way to modify. Thank you. 


Nana Kennedy, Dir. of Communications

Education For All Children