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Question asked by daniellesecrest on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by daniellesecrest

Hello there!


I'm reaching out in hopes to learn how best to merge the profiles for the organization that I work for, Onehope Inc.. Currently, we have 2 profiles present (a historic and current one), and I've been tasked to merge those together onto our new profile (EIN number, 27-1398241). With this request, an important question to ask - our historic profile, "OneHope, Inc. (EIN 65-0246247)" contains all of our current organizational info, and we'd like to carry this all over to the new profile, "Onehope Inc. (EIN 27-1398241)" - possible to do so? If so, how would we go about that?


Two additional questions if/once the profiles have been merged -

  1. how do we update our profile with our current financial information?
  2. what is required from us to obtain the 2018 seal of transparency?



Many thanks in advance!

Danielle Secrest