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"Programs & Map" Issue

Question asked by diamonddixon Partner on Jul 24, 2018
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I have had a bit of trouble deciding how to approach the new "Programs & Map" section of the Bronze tier. My organization almost exclusively focuses on Child Sponsorship programs in 18 countries across four continents. The issue comes up when trying to select a geographic focus for the programs; because it is only possible to choose five countries/regions per program, it seems that I either have to select too broad a range (i.e. entire continents) or too narrow a focus (i.e. only five of the 10+ Latin American countries in which we work). 


What might be the best way to ameliorate the issue? Create multiple, regionally focused program tabs each selecting five of the countries we serve? Break up our sponsorship program into more specific parts and select a few countries for each component? With either of these, an important consideration is how the programs/map look in a public GuideStar profile; will the specific programs correlate to the countries selected, or is there just a single, non-interactable map?


Apologies for the barrage of questions--we just hope to have as little confusion as possible for current and potential sponsors using this wonderful service! Any insight and advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!