I just want to serve my American veterans.

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My name is Connor Thomas and I am the teen CEO of the My GI Foundation. Please look at and you'll get a sense of urgency in my dealing with American veterans. I started at 14 and have awarded tens of thousands of dollars to veterans, but once the campaign is over, I am back to seeking funds. I am a scholarship cadet at The Citadel and my dad serves as Executive Director and we communicate daily.


I need a grant source that is #1 Flexible and believes is my mission to aid veterans in the many ways you'll find on my website. Flexible means a Vietnam vet calls me at 10:00 A.M. and his mower of 20 years is toast. I'll meet him at Home Depot, scan his DD-214, driver's license, a second photo I.D., and ask him to sign a gifting notice. Then, we go in and he picks out a new $275.00 mower and is on his way.


I know that is not the norm most granting resources want, but it is the My GI Foundation.


I am also looking for #2 A rolling renewal and I believe the right person who gets on my site would want to see me continue to grow. I have never kept a dime nor has my dad, but we are quickly approaching a stipend for at least my dad who puts in 30 hours a week on top of teaching & coaching. My sister is 16 and has over 450 hours of volunteerism.


I am days away from funding 23 headstones for an African American Civil War Cemetery and the opportunities never stop.


Money seems to solve most problems and mine is no different.


Can you forward me on to some colleagues who may identify with me? Also, I work with Colonel Folsom in our Fiscal Sponsorship, which lends instant credibility as he approves everything I do financially.



Connor Thomas