Changing the details of our designation?  (Question #2)

Discussion created by ryanbauers on Jul 18, 2018

I am the Development Director for the Zeitgeist Center for Arts & Community in Duluth MN EIN# 20-6424699. 

Robin Burdick kindly responded to my first question yesterday, but I have a follow up question after speaking with the IRS.  We called them this morning to run this scenario by them and they were very clear that, as per the language right in the determination letter, we should be treated as a nonprofit charity immediately.  The language states, ""the IRS has ruled that grantors and contributors may consider it a public charity for the purpose of making contributions to the organization."  They asked that be the case in this situation.  

I am writing again to ask that this get cleared up as soon as is possible.  We are trying to run a Go Fund Me campaign for an artistic project we are helping put together and this situation is holding us up.  I am wondering who I need to speak to in order to get this fixed. 
Please feel free to contact me at
ryan@zeitgeistarts.com or call 218-336-1413, or respond to this thread 

Thank you for your help!