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Reclassified at 501(c)3

Question asked by zenithhaas on Jul 13, 2018
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I am writing on behalf of Laboratory For Icons & Idiom, Inc. in regards to the organization's status, as presented in the GuideStar database. We had been faced with the challenge of being mistakenly listed as private charity, which then exempted us of receiving potential donations and establishing an AmazonSmile account.


On July 3, 2018, we received documentation from the IRS that we are in fact at 501(c) 3 organization. I have included a link to the IRS' Tax-Exempt Organization Search that shows our Deductibility Code is PC for Public Charity.

Laboratory For Icons & Idiom Inc. Publication 78 Data


I was wondering how long it would estimated for this correction to be reflected in the GuideStar database.


Best regards,

Zenith Haas

Development Coordinator