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Receiving false messages that items have been skipped

Question asked by Partner on Jul 6, 2018
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Labrador Rescuers has had and maintained Platinum level designation since shortly after the designation became available.  As I was looking at the profile today, I have been repeatedly met with message that we are losing Platinum and now Bronze level because something has been skipped to get that level.  That is incorrect.  Nothing has been skipped.  Everything was fine until I logged in to check on an entry.  I did not delete any entries and in fact, added information re 2017 financials even though our 990 and audited financials are never available until Fall (like many nonprofits).  Everything is correct and COMPLETE.  This is very annoying, especially because we are just weeks away from our largest annual fundraiser and, in donation requests, are pointing out our commitment to transparency as shown by Platinum level participation.


Please fix this ASAP.  Labrador Rescuers: 


Thank you.