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How do I correct information from a GiveMN link to Guidestar

Question asked by angelamay on Jun 22, 2018
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Our arts organization CORO! has a page on GiveMN in Minnesota and the link from Guide Star on the page has incorrect information. Our EINis #46-1523425. I can't find anywhere in your site to correct the link of information that is from the button on our GiveMN page.

I re-entered the account under my name, Angela May and have been given permission to update the account, but the page gives me no options on my computer or iPad.

Our email is: and our website is

We have important people going to the GiveMN page and the Guidestar button is not supportive!

How do I fix it?

And/or can it simply be deleted? Guidestar isn't a service we will probably use.

Thank you for help.