Travel support for authors of accepted abstract

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Dear Sir/Madam,


Warm greetings from Uganda and hope this email finds well,

My names are Gabala Franco director of Maternal and Child Health program Health Child an indigenous health focused NGO in Uganda.

I submitted a paper to the fifth global symposium on health system research scheduled to take place from 8th -12th Oct 2018 Liverpool UK and my paper was accepted for oral presentation titled “  Positioning client’s voice at the centre, unlocking patients experience to drive health system improvement agendas, success story of Health Child”.  Iam not only excited to attend the global symposium on health system research for the first time in my entire career history but also dying to cease this long awaited career dream of sharing and connecting with a global health system research driving audience. Iam a Ugandan based in Uganda working for an indigenous Uganda based NGO called Health Child. Being a local and growing NGO, the organization does not have capacity by any inch to support abroad travels at all. The purpose of this email is to seek travel support from GUIDESTAR or information on useful links that I can reach out to for travel support.

 Your support in whatever form will be highly appreciated

Yours sincerely,


Gabala Franco.


Skype: frank.balidawa


Below is the abstract acceptance note


Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, 8 – 12 October 2018Liverpool, UK


Abstract Title: Positioning client’s voice at the centre, unlocking patients experience to drive health system improvement agendas, success story of Health Child

Abstract ID: 862

Listed Presenter: Gabala  Franco

Dear Gabala  Franco,

On behalf of the Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR 2018), we are pleased to inform you that your submitted abstract (listed above) has been accepted as an oral presentation (lightning talk – 10 minutes per presenter).


HSR 2018 is anticipated to be a landmark event, with more than 2,000 delegates from around the world expected to attend. The Symposium will highlight innovative approaches to strengthening health systems using health systems research to generate evidence for decision-making, best practices and capacity building to inform health policies and programming.


Lightning session presenters will be given 5 minutes to present and 5 minutes for questions. Session details together with guidelines will be emailed to you once the program is complete in July. Sessions will be moderated by a chair. All presenters will be required to bring their presentation on a USB stick to the speaker ready room the day prior to your session.



All presenters must be registered for HSR 2018. Presenters must register online before Friday 17 August 2018Register Here. If you are not registered by Friday 17 August 2018, your abstract may not be included in the final program. 


Visa Application Support Letters

Visa application support letters can only be provided once your registration is completed and paid for. During the registration process you can confirm if you require a visa support letter.



Please visit the Accommodation page on the HSR 2018 website for hotel listings including hotels that are offering Event Deals during the Symposium.  

It is understood that individual presenters will be responsible for all costs related to symposium attendance including travel, visa, their room charges, taxes and any incidental expenses, unless they receive travel support from HSG to be announced late May.


Formal Response Required

Please confirm if you accept or reject to present this abstract by Friday 25 May 2018. Please click on the link to confirm here.


We are delighted that you have been selected to present and to participate in this important symposium.  We look forward to your contribution to what promises to be a stimulating international event.


Program Working Group, HSR 2018