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Adding/sizing a photo and deleting a photo

Question asked by sarahvandusseldorp Champion on Jun 14, 2018
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Good morning, 


I have been updating the content of of our nonprofit profile on GuideStar. I have all of the written content loaded and ready to be published. However, I am having an issue with the photo section of our profile. I attempted to upload a new photo twice.  This particular photo seems to have loaded incorrectly. Perhaps I uploaded the photo in an incorrect format or size because the photo appears very large on the screen. Our team has tried to delete the photo, but it won't delete from the screen. We have uploading/deleted photos from other programs and have not had this issue. Will you please send me steps for how I can delete this enlarged photo on GuideStar? Also, please let me know if there are specific photo sizing steps I need to follow while uploading, so we don't encounter this issue again. 



Beth Smith