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Where is our check?

Question asked by alancrawford on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by robin.burdick

Where is the money that has already been donated? We are still waiting for our $2,400 check from the donations we received through facebook?


Please call at your earliest opportunity.

-Alan Crawford

CNAW President


Hello Alan,


We are writing to let you know that starting on June 8, 2018, donors will no longer be able to give to your organization through your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile. We are temporarily removing the donation button because we will no longer be working with the partner that has been processing donations through our site. We are working hard to find a new partner that offers the best service for you and your donors. We will be in touch once a new partner has been selected. As we consider new options to maximize donations from users who are reviewing your organization on GuideStar, we would like your input. What would you prefer?


1.     A link you could provide to your own fundraising web page, or

2.     A donate button on GuideStar with a new donation processing partner

Please click here to let us know your preference. If you have questions, you can submit them through the "create a support case" link found under the survey. 


Sincerely, Eva Nico Senior Director of Nonprofit Programs