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Official Name Change

Question asked by hopeshaven Partner on May 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by robin.burdick

How do i change our organization's name with GuideStar?  I'm writing on behalf of the former "Benewah County Humane Society, Inc." which legally has dropped the word "County" from it's name to avoid confusion as we are a private, independent, 501(c) 3 Non-Profit organization with minimal County & City support.   We are now officially "Benewah Humane Society, Inc."  (BHS) with the same tax id number 82-0430864.  


Will you kindly send a cc of your response to  my home email?  I do grant writing for BHS and work mostly from my home.  I will be updating information to move up on the next level with GuideStar.


Thank you!


Sharon Jensen, Member

Board of Directors

Benewah Humane Society

(208) 245-3371  (home)