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Best use of Guidestar for my Writers Retreat

Question asked by elaineisaacson on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by robin.burdick

Good afternoon, I am in the process of creating an LLC which promotes the Arts in three different ways.  My main focus is on building a Writing Retreat in Charlotte where writers can learn, create and nurture their craft.  The draw will be to meet with a successful local or national author to encourage writers to hone their craft.  The second part is Art both sketching and watercolors.  The third is free and paid for tutoring to the local community.  My question is in what way can Guidestar assist me?  I am a writer with 40 years experience. I have five books published, have won awards in essay and poetry writing.  I am currently about to have my first mystery novel published and I am writing a children's book which has been commissioned by an attorney in Boston, MA.  I have spent extensive amounts of time training, tutoring and encouraging youth and adults in writing.  It is my full intention to not only get this Retreat off the ground but have it be one that can be duplicated in different parts of North Carolina as well as across the US.  Thank you.