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What happens when someone else created fundraiser and you want to use same one but cannot because you cannot get a hold of that person?

Question asked by lizcalderon on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by robin.burdick

Hello, I was wondering if I could cancel or delete a current Fundraiser that someone else created beforehand. We have tried to reach out to the person who created the page but they have avoided us. I thought the person was still involved with the school and they are not so when I was raising money for the band I used that page and had some people donate and don’t know how to get that money.  All we want is to either add us to the page or let us know what happened to some donations that were recently given. We tried to switch the address but we need that person to add us from what I understood. So we thought if maybe we can create a new one with same Name because it is for the high school band except we want it to have the schools address. Your assistance would be much appreciated. If you need to reach me by phone please call me at

915-867-3967, thank in advance.