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I am trying to complete my gold status

Question asked by thomascarter on May 13, 2018
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I am trying to submit the last section of my form for gold status about our successes and future plans, but the form keeps rejecting my response.  I believe it is under the character count of 3000.  Here is what I am attempting to add:


"Agua Pura Para El Pueblo started in Mexico over 10 years ago helping a local non-profit to build safe latrines for families that lived and worked on a garbage dump.  Many of those latrines are still in use.   Over the years since we have worked with a number of organizations throughout Latin America.  We have tested the drinking water of over a thousand families in dozens of communities.  Agua Pura has provided water testing training and materials to many local non-profits who now continue our work.  
 Our work is inexpensive and effective, and families and other non-profits are very supportive of us.  
 Agua Pura is developing programs to allow local communities and organizations to make their own water purification materials themselves.  We now have a community run production facility to make Water Pasteurization Indicators in Honduras and are planning for others in Mexico and possibly Haiti.  This should further lower the cost of these materials and make them available to even more people.  The goal of the organization we work with in Honduras is to distribute on of these indicators to every family in the region with a child under 5 years of age.
We are proud of the successes we have had and look forward to challenges ahead. "


Can you please help me?

Tom Carter

Agua Pura Para El Pueblo