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We need our legal name change reflected in our Guidestar profile, and it is not changing through the guidestar edit/update feature.

Question asked by robertpacenza on May 7, 2018
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I have tried to update our guidestar profile to reflect our new name.  We re-branded the organization and as of February 2018 our legal name is now Rising Treetops at Oakhurst.  Our old legal name was New York Service for the Handicapped. Our federal EIN, our address, and most basic information has remained the same.  Our website is now and our email domains are now instead of  We have a new IRS 501c3 letter documenting the IRS acceptance/approval of our new name and I can also provide you with a copy of our certified/approval amendment to our articles of incorporation.  Please let me know how to have our legal name changed on our Guidestar profile/account.  My edits to our account settings/profile don't seem to be doing the trick to make the name change.  Thank you.