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Guidestar list methods of NPO

Question asked by crystalleeconstant on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by robin.burdick

Guidestar should consider changing their methods of adding charitable organizations and heres why.  Our organization Coalition For Community Action And Reform has been in the process of getting our 501C3 since November 8 2016.  After applying twice because something was missing from the first application and we never received the IRS "mailed notice for request for more information" we received our tax exemption status April 12 2018.  Now after waiting so long to get this status and paying twice amongst other things the IRS has told us that their online system that you are using will not reflect our status for at least 2 more months putting us in June 2018.  As a non-profit many of us kill ourselves working endlessly as volunteers to keep our businesses afloat.  I myself work easily 60+ hours a a week.  Being able to receive donations and being apart of charitable giving networks is VITAL to our existence.  So to ban us and solely rely on an online system that is outdated is hurtful to non-profits.  Its almost as if we are discredited because we do not appear in this ancient online database.  I encourage Guidestar to please accept Letters of Determination or even make the phone call to the IRS to verify statuses.


The community for which we serve rely on us for our help and we rely on you for your help so we hope that you will consider changing and improving your methods of adding 501C3 tax exempt organizations.


Thank you for listening



Founder & CEO

Coalition For Community Acton And Reform, Inc.