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On Profile Page incorrect Budget Amount

Question asked by paolapotts Champion on May 1, 2018
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On the webpage GuideStar has various sections/headlines describing our organization. These sections/headlines include Our Programs, Population(s) Served, Budget, Charting Impact, Financials, etc. Under the section/headline Budget it is stated that we have a budget of $1,425,000.00. It would be nice to have this budget, but unfortunately, we have and always had a very small budget. We update our Financial Statement every year and we never reported a budget of $1,425,000.00.  As you can see, the Financials section/headline below the Budget section/headline reflects a very different amount. Would you guide us on how to correct the incorrect figure of $1,425,000.00 shown on the Budget section/headline? We have asked this question before but the answer we received referred us to the Financials section/headline and did not address the Budget section/headline which continues to report a budget of $1,425,000.00. Thank you.


Paola Potts