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Budget Question and Seal code for Facebook Page

Question asked by paolapotts Champion on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by robin.burdick

We would like to obtain information assistance regarding the following:


1) We have already uploaded and updated our 2017 financial statement to the GuideStar website. In 2017 we have retained $478.56 of the contributions from 2016. There does not appear any section on the GuideStar Financial webpage where we can insert "retained contributions" as this amount is not revenues. Our own Financial Statement published on our website shows this amount as retained assets but not as revenues (Financial Statement | Sol-N-Air, Inc., Saving Our Lives | Heat Warning Signs)  


2) We noticed that our page on the GuideStar website shows a budget of $1,425,000.00. We do not have such a budget. Please let us know how we can make a change to the budget displayed on our page at

Our budget changes from year to year depending on the number of projects approved by cities and private parking lot owners allowing us to donate the Heat Warning Signs for installation in their parking lots.


3) We would like to display the Gold Seal on our Facebook Page but we cannot find the Gold Seal code to insert on our Facebook page.


Thank you for your continued assistance.




Paola Potts