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EIN number not recognized (Give Lively)

Question asked by jeffvaz on Apr 27, 2018
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Hi, I am with Give Lively ( We make free fundraising technology for 501c3 organizations. In order to sign up for Give Lively, we ask for nonprofits to enter their EIN number, and we then pull information from Guidestar to get them signed up. Essentially, a nonprofit needs to be listed on guidestar in order to use Give Lively.


I have one nonprofit who's EIN number is 46-1109838. They are listed on Guidestar. However, when they try to sign up, we are getting a notification saying the EIN number is not found. Can you see if anything is going on with this number?


The same situation applies to EIN 82-1160843. We do not have any other issues from other nonprofits.