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How do we add our organizations full address to our webpage that viewers see?

Question asked by cindymaguire on Apr 20, 2018
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Hello. We raised money on facebook last fall. We never received the checks from donations made to our organization, ArtsAction Group ein 46-4145164. Facebook said our full address was missing from this website (Guidestar) and sent us to Network for Good, who disperses the funds to get the checks.


Network for Good looks at our page here at Guidestar for address and while we have our organization's apartment number noted in our profile page that we can edit, the page that visitors see doesn't include the apt #. We suspect this is why we never received the checks. 


How do we remedy this situation? We've been trying to get our donations since December and are supposed to be buying equipment supported by the fundraiser and contacting our donors to show the work. 



Cindy Maguire

Director ArtsAction Group