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I am trying to change the EIN number you are listing for our organization.

Question asked by jaywojcik on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by robin.burdick

Hi - You list : 51-0245670 but that is no longer our EIN number. for The Kiwanis Club of Lombard   We had to reapply for a new one because our past treasurer messed up and did not file the required paperwork.  So we were fined and now we have our paperwork in order.  Our club has both 501c4 AND 501c3 status because we have one for the club account - and one for our foundation (the one that gives money away.)   The EIN for the 501c4 is 36-3887631 and that number was confirmed by the IRS in April 2009.  The one for the foundation, that we formed in 2012, is 46-0667224. That is the one that should appear on your site. Can you FIX this and then I will go in and add in our mission, vision, and goals as well as our website, facebook info. and even our twitter url.  Please help us with this change.  TY.