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Guidestar Spelled Our Name Wrong

Question asked by Partner on Apr 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by robin.burdick

Many of our organization's members hold fundraisers for us on Facebook.  But when they do, our name comes up as "PMG Awareness Organication" ( "c" rather than "z").  We receive checks from those fundraisers from Network For Good, yet they go to our Registered Agent's address rather than our organization's primary address.  I am aware that Network For Good gets our name and address through Guidestar.  When I go onto our profile page, it says that the name that is registered with the IRS is spelt the wrong way as above, yet, we have double checked all of our IRS filings and they are all correct with "PMG Awareness Organization."  We also have our correct address listed on Guidestar, yet the checks are mailed to our Registered Agents address. 


If we have our name listed correctly on the portion that we fill out, and all the IRS filings are correct, is it possible that Guidestar made the mistake of spelling it incorrectly where it says "name registered with the IRS"?  I have double checked with my attorney who did all the IRS filings and he too believes this has to be an error on Guidestars part. 


Is there anyway you can please look into changing our name where it says "name registered with the IRS?"  I know that if I need to do a name change for our organization, we need to go through the IRS, which we have started that process a long time ago, but everything is already correct with the IRS paperwork, so I don't know what they would be able to change to correct the situation. 


Please let me know what you can do to help rectify this situation as it is causes a lot of confusion. 


Thank you!

Robin Hudson, President/CEO

PMG Awareness Organization, Inc.