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Require 4th program info for Bronze status?

Question asked by larrylewack on Apr 5, 2018
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I was online updating our nonprofit profile today & went all the way through the questions to attain Silver status, then received an error message (when trying to publish new info) stating that our Bronze profile was still unfinished.  When I went back to find out what was missing, there were a whole bunch of new fields to fill in.  While I don't have a problem updating and adding info to our existing profile (we could all benefit from that occasionally), I found what appears to be a glitch in your Bronze profile questions:


I'd previously entered descriptions for our 3 existing programs. However, the system appears to require that you enter info about a 4th program, to complete this section of the profile.  If you don't have a 4th program to enter, there appears to be no way to opt out of that process.  That's what left my profile stuck at Bronze, despite actually having entered complete, accurate & up-to-date info which is otherwise 100% compliant with requirements to attain Bronze and Silver status.


Am I missing something here?  You don't really want to exclude or penalize nonprofits with only 3 active programs, do you?  Is there a work-around to avoid having to invent a fictional program to satisfy the hungry data beast at GuideStar?