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Question asked by kingfisherfarm on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by jeannemitchell
We have already spent a total of three hours, including two phone calls yesterday, on this issue and it is persisting. We would not even be using this platform were it not a requirement to receive donation disbursements. So many people are reporting the same problem over and over again:


Upon logging in to our account, and clicking on "update nonprofit profile", we enter the EIN as requested on screen, and then get a pop-up that says "You already manage this organization"


FWIW, it's also lame that this forum is the only way to request support unless you pick up the phone. We should be able to just send an email or create a ticket without having the entire world read it.


So, for the fourth time, what exactly needs to be done to resolve this discrepancy in your website so I can simply update our address?