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How to be eligible to receive donations through

Question asked by alyssaleathers on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by communitymanager

One of our donors is trying to submit a matching gift request via TransUnion Good Works. The portal says the org isn’t a 501(c) or isn’t accepting 3rd party donations. 


   "The organization is not eligible to receive donations due to its tax status or has opted out of receiving donations    through third parties. (NFG-003)"



We received this suggestion from GoodWorks: 


   "What’s likely causing this error is that our portal partner works with a company called Network for Good to vet nonprofits and    disperse the checks. Network for Good uses as part of that process, so non-profits must have their profile in set up to accept third-party donations. There is actually a setting that the non-profit needs to make sure is turned on,    saying they are will to accept third-party donation (often the non-profits don’t even realize that they have this turned off).


   I recommend asking the non-profit to check their settings. You can share the attached document with them to help    them with this process."



I've checked the box on the settings that says I would like to receive relevant third-party resources and offers on occasion through GuideStar. Just making sure I've done this correctly?