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Publishing the Writing of Inmates

Question asked by audreallison on Mar 30, 2018
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I am a volunteer creative writing instructor at Ridgeland, SC prison.  I have taught writing and done much writing research for over 50 years.  I recently taught Creative Writing at Allendale, SC correctional Institution for two years before moving to the Ridgeland Prison to help them with their attempts to reform the prison.  I have taught there for two years now with little or no help.  


My late husband, Mose Allison, a well known musician, knew a lot of people from the University of MS where Vox publishing has published the writing of prisoners. I have found and read their book of writing by inmates from Parchman Farm, and I am interested in doing the same. I know inmates lives are changed by  writing, and I would love to get their voices out to more people.  We are all hoping to promote prison reform. The voices of the inmates,what they discover about themselves, the way reading and writing can transform them, is so uplifting and  can also be helpful to the general public, who often fear, but know little about, the inmates. 


Is there any way I can get help?  Perhaps merely supporting information.  I have for years typed, printed and provided all  the professional writers work that I feel is inspirational for the inmates.  I have provided notebooks, but I'm really interested in how I can help them get published in some way.


I thank you for any direction  you can give me.


Audre Allison

141 Coggins Pt. Rd.

Hilton Head, SC 29928