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Why are we not able to change "Board Leadership Practices" with entered information?

Question asked by billberry Partner on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by billberry

We entered the answers to the section on "Board Leadership Practices" but when viewing our agency those answers are still not reporting. There is still the note to the right of the screen (edit mode) saying that we are 'not an independently operated nonprofit' but that is not the case. Resurrection Street Ministry, Incorporated is a stand alone nonprofit organization. Our EIN is 55-0799053 and possibly when it was added in 2002 I also had another nonprofit listing that I had managed since 1996. That agency name is Streets of Joy (EIN 86-0820405) but that has not been on my agency update list since 20012 when it was turned over to Eric Jenkins.


Resurrection is required by IRS to have a Board of Directors


Can you help me with getting this posted correctly?