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How is my involvement with my nonprofit determined?

Question asked by treyowen on Mar 25, 2018
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I want to claim ownership of the Amity Group Foundation (AGF) GuideStar page. AGF is an NPO listed in your database. We have recently gone through some significant mission changes/increases, and organizational/structural changes. This includes a case where we, AGF, have acquired/merged with 2 previously for-profit companies with whom we worked very closely, to become a new, single nonprofit called Amity Group Foundation. Becoming a single NPO simply makes more sense in some ways, costs less to run the overall groups, and perhaps most importantly, makes one of our primary grant sources much, much happier. When the Dept. Of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) wants us to cease “subcontracting” the actual provision of HIV medical care services to a for profit clinic even though AGF has been managing  and administering every other aspect of the grant successfully, in order to become the actual deliverer of services, well, we do what we have to do.


I’m asking about claiming ownership bc the merger only happened legally, as I understand it, in January of this year. I don’t know what method or tools you use to determine if an individual is employed by AGF or if somehow that person may still appear to be employed by Ballantyne Family Medicine (which is still how the clinic telephone is still answered until later this year when all the insurance credentialing is completed for AGF, and is the company that previously employed only prescribers/providers). AGF is currently “doing business as” Ballantyne Family Medicine. Hayat Medical Management was the management company that staffed the rest of the practice with nurses, receptionists, etc., and managed the practice in general. AGF had its grant management responsibilities and staff. I believe Hayat now no longer exists since there was no lengthy credentialing process to follow.


I, myself, have not been employed by any of these groups, and am not currently an employee of AGF, nor likely to be. I am however a co-founder of AGF, and medically retired after many years at IBM. I volunteer extensively and have multiple roles. Being from IBM, I’m sure you can understand that, at least for now, I have the responsibilities of Chief Technology Officer and primary “go to guy” for all things IT. Additionally, based on my middle management and sales experience at IBM, I am the primary responsible person for the majority of Public and Community Relations. As we continue to grow, I’ll be able to gradually hand off more and more of the detailed work to new staff, but for the moment, I’m doing whatever needs to be done to accomplish our mission.


I noticed that some of our info in our profile, such as the NTEE code is outdated, and is a holdover from many years ago when AGF started out as a much smaller educational fund (Elimu Education Fund) to help bring students from poor countries and regions in Africa to Charlotte NC (our home) to receive educational opportunities and possibly attend college that they would not otherwise have an opportunity to pursue at home in Africa, especially for young women. Our NTEE code needs to be updated as it still refers to educational funding, and needs to change sooner rather than later. I fear a recent Blue Cross Blue Shield opportunity may have been lost due to this conflicting information. They specifically were looking for healthcare NPOs.


I don’t know if updates/corrections happen directly through your site, or if I go through the IRS. I’m hoping you can help guide me with that. Additionally, I’d like some guidance with claiming the site. If you contact our executive director, she can confirm my authority to take action for AGF, but I don’t know if I’ll show up in “official” AGF informational sources, whatever that means. On our org charts that we provide to the Mecklenburg County Ryan White Office (locally manages the Ryan White grant funding for the 6-County Ryan White Transitional Grant Area, I absolutely am listed, and was at one point the Acting Executive Director.


I simply want to ensure our information at GuideStar is updated as soon as possible. As I mentioned, we are at a point where we just completed a significantly complex merger, and the resources we have are stretched as thinly as they can be before we break.


Thank you for reading such a long, drawn out message! I’m retired from IBM bc I am on long term disability from a rare leukemia in 2005, and suffered significant amount of physical and psychological damage, including brain damage from 3 bouts of blood poisoning which cut off oxygen flow to my brain. One obvious side effect is that it is extremely difficult for me to write or talk in a short and succinct manner most of the time. When writing for example, I have to write a lengthy document or note, and then spend just as long editing it for brevity and accuracy. Often, I just run out of time, so thank you for your patience and understanding.


Trey Owen

Program Manager for Public/Community Relations 

Amity Group Foundation 

6010 E. W. T. Harris Blvd

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Charlotte NC 28215

704-996-7353 (M)

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