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Question asked by johncunningham on Mar 22, 2018
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Dear Bobbi, 

I had not heard back from you. Is there a phone number where I can reach you? 
Here is the information again: 

Organization Name(s): SB3C Foundation, Inc

•           EIN(s): 81-0730638

•           Your Name: John Cunningham

•           Brief Description of your role/association with the organization(s), and if appropriate a contact name within the organization(s): Bookkeeper and advisor; see descrition offered in my email of 3/12/18. 

I hope to hear from you soon. 
John Cunningham
JC Tax Advisors LLC
20 S Duke Street, #1
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 598-9820

On 3/12/2018 10:36:29 PM, JC <> wrote:

Greetings Bobbi, 
Sorry for the delay in responding to your email of March 2 - I am a tax preparer by trade, and so can be late in responding to email messages not directly related to income tax preparation during this time of year.. 
My role is that of the bookkeeper for SB3C Foundation, Inc (EIN 81-0730638), and I work closely with Andrea Caldwell, the Association Manager for the organization (cc'd on this message). We had hoped to update the GuideStar profile for SB3C some time ago - we had just completed the first tax filing in October 2017. However, the most recent SB3C Board meeting that had tentatively been scheduled for earlier in the winter got delayed. We just had that recent Board meeting on March 1, which explains the actions that Ms Caldwell and I began on the GuideStar profile - after being authorized to do so by the Board. 
Anyway, hope that we will be allowed continue to add to SB3C's GuideStar profile. I also work closely with the SB3C Treasurer, Alisa Clyne, and can connect her with you if further authorizations are needed. (Ms Clyne is on the faculty at Drexel University in Philadelphia, and she also does not have an email address with the SB3C name in it... I don't think that any Board member has an SB3C email address at this point). 
Hope you can help. Look forward to hearing from you again soon. Many thanks. 
John Cunningham
JC Tax Advisors LLC
20 S Duke Street, #1
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 598-9820

On 3/2/2018 4:45:39 PM, GuideStar Support <> wrote:

Hello John,


Thank you for your recent request to manage your Nonprofit Organization’s GuideStar Profile.   I am having difficulty verifying your affiliation with the organization/EIN you provided in your request.  This may be because your email domain does not match the web domain of your organization,  or you did not provide a web address for your organization.  (Or the web domain you provided is not associated with the organization whose profile you requested to manage.)


Please reply to this email with the following information so that I may approve your request:

           Organization Name(s)


           Your Name

           Brief Description of your role/association with the organization(s), and if appropriate a contact name within the organization(s)


Thank you.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  If I do not receive a reply by Monday, March 5th, I will not be able to approve your request. 


Best regards,


Bobbi Jo Stevens

Stakeholder Support Specialist


------ Forwarded Message --------
From: <>
Date: 3/6/2018 5:23:13 PM
Subject: You’re Not Approved, We Need More Information


Thanks for requesting to manage your organization’s GuideStar Nonprofit Profile.

Unfortunately, your request cannot be approved as submitted.

More often than not, this is because the e-mail you used in your request is not associated with the organization. If you have a work e-mail, use it to speed up the approval process.

To change the e-mail on your GuideStar Account — simply head back to and sign in. Select your name at the top right-hand corner, and then click My Account where you can modify your e-mail address. Once you’ve done so, you will need to re-submit your request by clicking Update Nonprofit Profile.

If you don’t have an e-mail associated with your organization - don't worry - Please reach out to Stakeholder Support.

All the best,
Team GuideStar

Note: Please do not reply to this e-mail. For assistance please contact Stakeholder Support.