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Error handling email addresses on Bronze registration page

Question asked by icgguidestaradministrator on Mar 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by communitymanager

I am trying to update the profile of our organization, The International Costumers' Guild (EIN: 52-1656188).


On the Bronze page, there are fields for the email address of our primary contact and organization leader. For the primary contact, I entered:


and for the organization leader I entered:


Both fields are labeled with error messages:


Please enter a valid email address.


When I attempt to "Continue", I am presented a dialog with the message:


"We noticed you skipped a section(s) that is required to achieve this level.

Do you want to review the required fields now?"


The email addresses are the same ones that were used in our previous submission (we are Gold level), and both conform to the international email format standard IETF RFC 2822 (I am a member of the standards committee and have some expertise in this area). Both addresses are also fully functional.


I would appreciate your help in resolving this issue as soon as possible so that we can continue to update our record. I have saved the form so that you can look at it.


Thank you in advance for your assistance

Philip Gust

Guide Star Administrator 

International Costumers' Guiild