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Guidestar Tax Year confusion

Question asked by stephaniebowe on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by robin.burdick

Hello -- I am part of PTA council in New Jersey and oversee the PTAs in my county --- one of my tasks is to make sure that they have done their 990 filing.  I have two questions....


It is my understanding that the IRS date on their forms corresponds with the beginning month of the tax year -- example if your fiscal year runs 7/1/2016 to 6/30/2017 the 990 form you would use is the 2016 990ez.  Could you please tell me why Guidestar files the forms under the incorrect year --- example I looked up a local PTA and clicked on their 2016 Form expecting to find their 990ez for tax period 7/1/2016 to 6/30/2017, but instead found their 990ez for tax period 7/1/2015 to 6/30/2016. 


Also, why doesn't Guidestar have information for organizations that file the 990N.  I am assuming that since you have access to IRS information for 990ez and 990 returns that you would also have access to the 990N.  I understand that the 990N has little information on it other than the organization did indeed file. Now I go between the IRS EO select check to check if the PTA has filed their 990N and Guidestar to check if they filed their 990ez.  It would be helpful if Guidestar could also post if the organization has filed a 990N.


Thank you.