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First Baptist Church of Red Bank, Red Bank, New Jersey is an American Baptist Church denomination, founded in the late 1840's. Our current building was built in our current location in 1893, and constantly modernized. For example we installed a money saving solar system in 2010, and replaced fuel oil heating with tank less water heating in 2014. 


We are located in the center section of a prosperous community; Red Bank New Jersey. We are a healthy but not prosperous church and barely meet budget. Even so, our mission is to be a "helping part of our community". Therefore we allow various non-religious groups and other denomination churches to use our church without charge. We lease about 4000 sq ft. of our building to our Borough Pre-School at about 1/3rd of the going rate for our area, plus for the weekdays we provide them 12 premium parking spots at no charge. We also provide 6 parking spots to a nearby charter school at no charge. The charter school also uses our church for various all school events like their Christmas Program or graduation. Our center city parking spots are in demand and would be very rent-able if it were not our mission to serve our community. Additionally for absolutely no charge, every week we host many 12 step support groups, and a Red Bank Business Association. Then we host requested community meetings such as a Drug Prevention Group, and lastly many funerals and memorial services for non-members or friends.  These too are all at no charge. 


Our church is a well maintained property with outside lighting, but still potentially at risk.

1) Our church is a corner property in our downtown borough in a transitioning neighborhood.

2) Every day we have many strangers crossing through our parking lot as a shortcut. This is in accord with our open borders policy.

3) We have those weekly uses by many persons that are potential strangers.

4) According to reported data, Baptist Churches are the highest denomination of all churches involved in hostile incidents. They were 50% more likely than Catholics, 3 times more than Methodists, and 5 times more likely than Lutherans or Presbyterian denominations. It would seem for some reason that Baptist churches are the most likely target.

5) Data shows that 3 out of 4 incidents nationally occur on the church grounds outside of the building.


Therefore we believe our church needs to protect our community from miscreants and events on out property through the use of a security recording and camera system. Through signage at the property entrance areas, we believe unwanted intruders would be discouraged, or at least we would be able to record the image of those who were not dissuaded by the signage.


Our need is not hypothetical. In the Fall of 2017, one of our teacher/supervisors at the pre-school was working late. In our parking lot, she was approached by an unwanted stranger and managed to avoid further incident, by quickly getting in her car and locking the doors. The stranger disappeared without being identified. 


This type of 8 camera system with monitors and recording equipment would cost about $3000 plus between $2000 and $3500 for installation. This would be a maximum total of $5500.


What foundation would be interested in assisting us financially in continuing our mission of community outreach in light of these changing times?