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Question asked by amyshrodes on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by robin.burdick

Hello, our group is wondering if it is appropriate to list independent contractors as staff?


In addition, we are wondering where the best place place to list our Advisory Committee and Organizing Team is, we have many notable names involved and would like to include them in whichever section makes sense.

On a similar note, is it standard to add your President and Chair into the rest of the board list? It's hard to tell without seeing a preview if that will duplicate them on a report.  

Also, our organization is under $50,000, so we are technically only required to file a 990-N. Last year we did file a 990 E-Z, however for the State of Massachusets. We are wondering which one of these would be best to upload to provide a AFR rate... which is what I think the donors would likely be looking for? Also, is it ok if we make private the addresses? Several of our board member addresses are listed and we'd like to not publish those if possible.


Thanks for your help,


Amy Shrodes

Alliance for Self-Directed-Education