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Question asked by michelegare on Mar 6, 2018
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I have a saved search of 101 not for profits using several criteria.  When I use the search> click on a specific charity to see the profile> then click on 'back' in my browser it does not take me back to the saved search. I am having to select two criteria again to narrow the search down to what it was in my saved version.


Any idea as to why this is happening? It's adding to my workload to keep having to narrow down the two search parameters that are not being loaded into my saved search when I go 'back' from the charity profiles.


When I used a different saved search last week it was fine when I examined a individual charity profile then used the back arrow in my browser to go back to that same saved search. I never had an issue with it missing the city criteria or the Guide Star level selection in the saved search ie. silver - platinum.


Thanks, Michele