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How successfully to change a password?

Question asked by j-d-saunders on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 12, 2018 by johnwhiteman

I attempted to login.  I entered my e-mail address and the password that I believed was my correct password.  I could not log in.  I clicked "Forgot Password," entered my e-mail address, logged into my e-mail account, found the new e-mail from Guidestar, clicked on the link in the e-mail which opened a page in the browser, successfully changed my password, then got the message that I could log in with my e-mail and new password.  I went to the tab in the browser where I had tried to login earlier, clicked the button that said "Login," entered my e-mail address and new password, and got the error message that I had entered the wrong password.  I tried again--very carefully!--but was taken to the Password Assistance page where I was invited to submit my e-mail to receive instructions on how to change my password.  I did the process again.  Same thing happened.