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Waiting for help..Platinum level icon and benefits?

Question asked by jessicak Champion on Feb 27, 2018
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Feb 22, 2018


At the top of our profile for Infidelity Counseling Network, the progress bar shows that we've completed the Platinum level.


However, the icon still shows Gold Level next to our organization name (on the profile) and we do not see the Benefits link for Platinum.


We completed the Platinum level over 24 hours ago and would like to put the widget on our website asap. 


In addition, we're trying to enter your "Nonprofit Winter Games" drawing for $500 by moving up one level, and our profile does not show that this has been completed. The drawing deadline is Feb 23.


Please advise. Thank you.  I sent this email to Product Support on Feb 22 and still have not heard back. Extremely frustrating.


Laura Steuer