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Unable to update non-profit profile

Question asked by manickamnarayanan on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by robin.burdick

Hi! I am trying to update our non-profit profile but I seem to get stuck in a loop. Here's what I'm doing:


1. Go to, sign in with username (email) and password

2. I see a generic page with a banner, a search bar, and these menu items on top: <Search, Update Nonprofit Profile, Products, Blog, Support> and I click on Update Nonprofit Profile

3. That takes me to a permissions page and asks me to enter our EIN

4. Once I do, it says "YOU ALREADY MANAGE THIS ORGANIZATION You are already a manager on this organization’s account. You no longer need to request permissions to manage this account. You can access your report on a regular basis by following these instructions: In the middle part of this page, look for your organization's name. Click on your organization’s name or the link "Edit Form" and this will take you to the Nonprofit Profile form to update. If you manage multiple organizations, you may not see your organization's name on this page. If so, click on the arrow keys below the organizations listed to get to the next page of organizations you manage."

5. I try again to follow these instructions but I see no such page and once again, when I try to update the profile it makes me request permission again, ad nauseam.


Can you please point me in the right direction?


Thank you!