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I am trying to transfer our GuideStar Profile to The Community Foundation of Collier County.  Can you do that for me.  ExEL is registered and has a profile at that location.  Can this be done by your or do I need to update our profile at the CFCC location

Question asked by brianingvalson Partner on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by robin.burdick

ExEL completed it's profile in GuideStar in the Fall of 2017.  We were told by other non-profits, at that time, that our profile would automatically be downloaded to all GuideStar subscribers.   I checked with the Community Foundation of Collier County ( recently and discovered that our old profile was the the one listed.  I chatted with the Director of CFCC and she indicated that she located our updated profile in GuideStar, but was unable to download it to their site.  Is it correct and should we anticipate that our Foundation listing  is forwarded to all other publications of profiles -- especially our profile as we are now listed as "Platinum."   Can you assist us in this transfer of our profile to all appropriate publications and websites?   Please advise.

Brian Ingvalson, President and CEO of the ExEL Foundation, Inc. 

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